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June 18, 2010

Gown Grub Suit test photos

Produced, Written, Directed, Edited, Music and Musical Direction: Tara Raye Russo
Original music by: Sybyl


Stephen W. Hutchins as: the Suit, the Kitty Cat and the woodworker

Tara Raye Russo: as The Gown and The Grub

Pepe Ruiz Robinson as: Himself the cat

Running time approximately 25 minutes

Release date 2011

Gown Grub Suit was filmed exclusively in the home/loft space of artist Tara Raye Russo and Stephen Wayne Hutchins. It stars herself and Stephen as well as the neighbor’s cat. The writing and filming took place over the course of seven months beginning in February 2010. The storyline for Gown Grub Suit was written daily journalistically in a stream of consciousness style. Each scene for each room in the loft turns into a liminal space where fantasy and reality blend, coalesce and materialize within its confinement. Video footage of the network of exposed pipes, electrical wire, conduit and outlets link together each room and represent the thought process as it travels from the sub conscious to the conscious. Gown Grub Suit subtly references Hansel and Gretel, challenges male and female stereotypes while exploring themes of entrapment, and warped domestication.

Gown Grub Suit is a movie made on self-reliance and independence and was inspired by Guy Ben Ner’s Moby Dick, which was shot entirely in his kitchen with his family. Other influences for this project includes Chantel Ackerman’s Saute Ma Ville 1968 and David Lynch’s The Grandmother 1970.

The music in Gown Grub Suit are original improvisational songs by Sybyl. Sybyl recorded from March of 2009 until February 2010. Sybyl is Michael Burmeister on guitar, Jeff Byrd on drums and sax, Tara Raye Russo on keyboards.