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October 7, 2010

Conflux Festival 2010 Investigation, Action and Transmission

7th Annual Conflux Festival, Investigation, Action and Transmission
Saturday October 9th 6:00pm-7:00pm 1 block radius E.10th, 2nd Ave., E.9th, 3rd Ave
Conflux Headquarters 34 Stuyvesant St. New York, N.Y.

Something In the Air: Jazz, a Temporal Integration Through Space

For 1 hour during the Conflux Festival, this performance will consist of a group of volunteers in approximately 6 cars, driving and parked around a one-block radius of the Conflux headquarters located at NYU’s Barney Building between the hours of 6 and 7 to play in unison Jazz broadcasted by WBGO Jazz, Newark, NJ. On route, a store front or two, will be asked to tune into WBGO as well as actors holding portable radios posing as a homeless person, student etc. This in effect, sets the stage for a coincidental, and seemingly random odd occurrence that attempts to break the chaotic and familiar sounds of the city. For 1 hour Jazz is bought back home to the city streets to accompany its ambient sounds and transform the experience of passers by with jazz in a way that only jazz can; sophisticatedly, playfully and challenging.
The idea for Something In the Air: Jazz came while I was filming a video project from my car in standstill traffic on Broad St. in Newark, NJ. What I observed was tired commuters, cars blasting gangster rap, horns blowing and people cursing, a harrowing situation at its best. In our car jazz played quietly on the radio when a soothing sax caught my attention. I rolled down the window and turned the music up, loud enough to drown out the buses and sirens around me. People at the bus stops acknowledged the music smiled and nodded approvingly, it felt as though I was providing musical relief. As we circled the block filming I imagined how grand it would be, to multiple my car times ten and fill the city streets with jazz played in sync by a radio broadcast. Here it is and now, it’s about to happen: Something In the Air: Jazz a Temporal Integration Through Space at Conflux 2010