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October 9, 2011

Letting Go, a Rogue Project for Open Doors 2011

Based on the theme of catharsis involving the artists the audience or both,
Letting Go a Rogue art project incorporates video, performance and temporary artworks. This event will activate the block that encompasses Broad Street, New Street, Central Avenue and Halsey Street in Newark on Saturday, October 22nd from 3pm to 9pm during Open Doors 2011.

Tara Raye Russo

Site Specific Installation

Appropriating KING
5 works on paper, 5' x 10' pastel and chalk
Projections: Vestments
wireless video projection from a custom pedestal, mini projector, two battery chargers, and mirror
605 Broad Street October 22, video projection 7pm - 9pm
Inspired in part by the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King

Video clip from Projections: Vestments

Studio shots of pedestal for Projections: Vestments

My use of ephemeral materials like chalk, mirror, flashlights, cosmological imagery and projection express my fascination with the processes and transformations of our temporal existence as well the interconnectedness to the universe and each other. In the project Projections: Vestments I’ve projected positive affirmations of my own like “Artist Wanted Apply Within,” “Have You Lost Your Way?,” “I See Myself In You,” “You Have Everything You Need,” “Gifted,” “When Will You Be Satisfied?,” as well as phrases coined by Dr. Martin Luther King in his final speech in Memphis before his assassination “You Do Not Walk Alone,” “Fear Nothing But Fear Itself,” and “Promised Land.” These affirmations are done in signage commonly found in the hardware store for For Rent signs, on a black background with orange letters and white trim. They are reflections of my subconscious thoughts projected onto the viewer in the form of a vestment, a uniform symbolizing the embodiment of virtue. The audio for the video is the sound of glass breaking before the change of each sign. It signifies a break into the physical realm, from the subconscious like the snap of a hypnotist’s finger. The mini projector was choosen for this project for its low wattage and its ability to disappear within a 20' range. From a distance the viewer sees only a white light until they are within a 12' range and the projection begins to project on their shirt. The projection is backwards to bring the installation to an intimate level between myself the projector and the viewer. As the viewer makes their way towards the light in the pedestal the mirror then allows the viewer to catch a glimpse of themselves, focus the text and read it.